Best Websites To Buy CPAPs And Supplies

Best CPAP Websites

The amount of websites available to buy CPAPs is too many to count. How do you decide which ones you can trust to buy from? I will break down the best options with pros and cons for my favorite ones. Some things you want to consider when picking a website to buy from:

  • Pricing- how do their prices compare to competitors?
  • Customer Service- Is it easy to contact them?
  • Access and transparency – Do they clearly explain what they are offering and what they require from you?
  • Return policy- How easy is it to return items when things go wrong?
  • Financing- Do they have good financing options or payment plans?
  • Shipping- What does their shipping cost and what is their time frame?
  • Rewards- Do they offer any rewards to loyal customers?

These are all questions to consider when you are looking at website to potentially buy from. Sometimes you might just be buying replacement filters for less than $10 or you might be buying a BIPAP machine for a couple thousand dollars. Either way, you want to keep all those questions in mind. You don’t want to wait 4 weeks to receive your CPAP filters or order an expensive machine with no one to call for support.

Let’s no break down the best websites to buy CPAPs and Supplies!

1) (Formerly

This is by far my favorite place to buy both CPAPs and supplies. They check off most of the boxes and win some bonus points as well. is powered by Aeroflow Healthcare which is a company that has been around for 13+ years. They get bonus points for having their executives and leadership information being available on their website at . To me, this build credibility that they stick by their reputation and are not some unknown company that just set up a warehouse to make some money.

How do they match up to the questions I told you to ask above? Let’s take a look.

How do their prices compare?

Their prices tend to either match or be lower than their competitors. It can vary item to item. I will be using the Philips Respironics DreamStation CPAP (without the humidifier) as an example to compare prices since it is a popular machine sleep apnea patients will be looking for.

At the time of this writing, is selling the Philips Respironics DreamStation CPAP for $399.00. This is noticeably different from it’s top competitor The CPAP Shop which is selling the same machine for $650. The most competitive price I found was on which was selling the same machine for $570. didn’t have the lowest price. had the same item listed for $349.00, $50 cheaper. It is important to note that also offers generous discount codes that are easy to find which in most cases will knock the price below competitors.

I didn’t research every item, but after checking prices on other items, I either found the pricing to be better or an even match. I haven’t found any item that I can get less from somewhere else, but they have so many products and I couldn’t check every one of them. Also, prices can change daily.

As a pricing bonus to put you at ease, they have a 30 day price guarantee. This means that if you buy something from them and you find the item cheaper from one of their competitors in 30 days, they will refund you the difference. This 30 day price guarantee probably explains why a lot of items I check are at least $1 dollar cheaper if not more. Either way, I feel comfortable buying from them knowing I am getting the best price.

Customer Service

This is where they really shine in comparison to other websites. First, they have a contact phone number in the top left corner which is 1-866-298-6482 . This is a must have in my opinion and I wouldn’t buy CPAP supplies from a website that doesn’t have one listed in an easy to find place. Their customer service hours are Monday- Friday 9am- 5 pm EST which is pretty standard. Their Contact Page also has the option to send them an email and also a live chat option. Note that the chat option will only pop up during business hours and emails are also answered during business hours.

They also offer “ask a clinician” option. So this would go beyond just a normal sales rep, but someone with real medical training. There is an Ask A Clinician FAQ page with some common questions for a quick reference. But if you have a specific question, they encourage you to reach out them to get advice from a clinician. Personally, I would recommend sending clinical questions via email.

Access and transparency

This is another area where shines. They keep things simple and very transparent. Their website is easy to navigate, it isn’t clunky with a lot of fine print, and their policies are straight forward and customer friendly.

They are also very educational. By now most of us know that ordering a CPAP mask would require a prescription. But did you know that even though the mask itself requires a prescription, the parts don’t? Here on their website they explain pretty clearly what requires and doesn’t require a prescription. So you can order CPAP mask parts separately to put together your mask without a prescription. This can be a real saver for someone that just doesn’t have time to go back to their doctor to renew a prescription or have to pay to see a doctor.

To make it easier, they even have a little logo next to items that do require a prescription to help you know before you try to buy. They are very transparent and their leadership is shown right on their website. You can learn a lot by going through their website and it isn’t cluttered with a bunch of useless “filter” I see on other sites.

Return and Refund Policy

A major indicator of how good a company is can be said about what their return policy is. They offer a 30 day return policy which is pretty standard which most of us know. If there is no damage and nothing defective, they will still take the item back in unused condition within 30 days. If there is nothing wrong with it, they will refund 100% what the customer paid but the consumer would pay the return shipping. That is fair for an item that is not defective.

If it is defective or damaged in shipping, which they say is rare, they will send the consumer a prepaid label to mail it back which is also fair.

BUT here is the best part: 30 Day Mask Guarantee. This is fantastic for someone that is new and not sure what would be the best mask fit or someone thinking of trying a new mask. To best explain how this works, I will just say what it says on their website:

“If you purchase a CPAP mask on our online store and you’re not completely satisfied, you can receive the full amount in store credit towards a replacement mask. All you need to do is call 1-866-298-6482 and talk with a staff member to ensure we are providing you with all the information you need for a proper fit. We can also catch you up on the latest CPAP mask fit education and compliance standards if needed.”

To me, this is awesome. Some places I have looked at charge a “restocking fee” or don’t offer this at all.

Financing: does offer financing through a partnership with Affirm. Affirm is a reputable company that has been around awhile. They are also pretty transparent which fits the business model. For the high priced items on their website, it shows the lowest amount what the monthly payments could look like which can help you budget in your head better.

The downside is that the interest rate can be from 10-30% which I think can be really high. If you must finance, it might be better to open up a new credit card that offers 1 year with no interest and do your own financing that way. But if that isn’t an option, using Affirm is still a good option as they explained the process very well on their website and you don’t have to worry about any surprises.


Would it surprise you if they have probably the best shipping of all the other CPAP wesbites? They have free standard shipping on EVERYTHING. That is it. Free shipping on everything, whether it is $8 for some CPAP filters or $1,000 for a CPAP machine. None of this free shipping”over $50″ or “$99” you see on other sites. Free shipping on EVERYTHING, period.

Expedited shipping is available for extra cost and you would need to call them to get a quote. This would be for 2 day air or overnight options, which wont be necessary if you plan a head of time and not wait until the last minute.


They don’t offer an official rewards system that has points you can redeem for discounts like some other websites have. But to be honest, a rewards point system would go against their business model of making things clear and simple. Often rewards points come with a lot of limitations, expiration dates, and lots of fine print. It can also be confusing.

With their low price guarantee and they generous coupon code discounts, a rewards system is just not needed. But you can sign up for their “email rewards” to receive emails with discount codes and sales.

2) is part of Agile Medical. Agile Medical has been around for over 35 years, so they have been in business awhile. Although I don’t have them ranked number 1, there is no shame at being number 2 and there are some things about them you might like better. Like, they are a reputable company and worth considering.

Let’s go over those important questions with them and see how they stack up.


They have some fair pricing, but they fall slightly short compared to it’s competitors. Going back to our example of the Philips Respironics DreamStation Pro CPAP Machine, currently has it listed for $499, which is $100 more than what is offering. Comparing other items, I find that and have lower pricing.

Unlick, they do not have a price guarantee to match competitors prices. That is a huge negative for me as pricing is going to be important to most people. They do offer a veteran’s discount which is commendable to support our veterans.

These prices aren’t outrageous. They just aren’t the lowest price. If price is your number one concern, it might be best to look at or

Customer Service

As you know from what I talked about with, a must for me is to have a phone number that is easy to find. meets this must have their phone number right there in the top right corner and there is no missing it. Their call center hours are Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 6:30pm, and 10:00AM – 4:00PM Saturday EST. Compared to, they have slightly longer hours and have Saturday hours which I think is a plus

They also offer email and live chat options which of course are great to have. One thing I notice that is different than is that has a different email for different departments. There is an email for billing, for fulfillment, RX check up, and general questions which implies that they might be going to someone more specialized to handle the request. But they could also all be going to the same group of people.

They don’t welcome about asking clinical questions like offers. But that isn’t common among these websites so it usually isn’t expected.

Access And Transparency

The website is fairly easy to access and is user friendly. It has an easy to navigate interface and has a modern look. There is a little more fine print on most pages compared to But it isn’t overly cluttered with fine print language and its policies are easy to understand.

One thing I like about it is that in the footer of the website is a link to submit a prescription which I think makes it easier to submit that information.

As far as transparency, they make it clear where they are located in New Jersey and who they are. They don’t show their leadership like does, but the transparency they do offer does give enough confidence for me to be ok to buy from them.

Return Policy offers a 15 day return policy on unused merchandise. This falls short of 30 day return policy. One other note about this, it is 15 days from the SHIPPING date which I think is a little unfair. But that is their policy.

One thing I do like is that if the item is defective within the manufacture’s warranty, they will work with the manufacture on your behalf which I think is a plus. You can always go direct to the manufacture yourself, but since they have done it themselves many times, they will be more familiar with the process and might give you some less headaches.

And like, they also have a 30 day mask guarantee to help you find the right size and mask. I love when companies offer this because a poor mask fit is a huge reason why people quit CPAP.

Financing offers financing through Bread, which is a common finance option I have seen on websites. People can be approved from 0- 29.99% APR. The 0% apr is appealing, but it is all based on credit approval. I would reccomend reaching out to Bread at before applying to get a better understanding on what you can expect for your situation. Once you apply, it would be hard to undo.

Like, on higher priced items it shows what the lowest possible monthly payment would be which makes it easy to see what you can budget for.

Shipping offers free shipping on all orders of $99 and more. Although this falls short of shipping policy of every order shipping for free, this is still a fair deal. They offer shipping to PO Boxes as well, which is rare for CPAPs and can be a bonus to some people.

They say customers normally receive their orders in 1-5 business days. They do offer expedited shipping for an extra cost as well.

Rewards offers a rewards program by rewarding customers $1 cashback for every $40 spent. So if you are planning to buy your future supplies from them, the rewards program can be beneficial.

3) prides themselves in being a family owned business that has been around since 1999. It was founded by John Goodman and his two sons, Johnny and Zach. They aren’t just some faceless corporation. They are very involved in the Sleep Apnea community and also founded which provides an online forum for Sleep Apnea patients to converse. This forum was started long before there were facebook groups and other communities to use.

They are a legitimate company and I would trust purchasing from them. But like the previous 2, let’s put them to the test with the questions!


Pricing wise has competitive pricing. At the time of this writing, the DreamStation CPAP Machine is listed at $349 which is actually $50 cheaper than the list price for  my number 1 ranked site (however keep in mind usually offers generous discount codes).

Also, like, they offer a 30 day price guarantee on price of any of their competitors. This is great for people that want to make sure they are getting the best price.

Access and Transparency

They pass my number one test here in that they have their phone number easy to find in the top right corner. They also have pretty favorable office hours Monday- Friday 8AM-8PM and Saturday 8AM-5PM (CST). These are the longest contact hours in all my rated websites. So for patients with a tight schedule, I give this an A +.

They offer an email for support with They also have a chat option, but you will have to be on an item page in order to have the option triggered. They are pretty open that their operations are in Texas and they they are a family owned company. They are also involved in the Sleep Apnea community by founding

Return Policy offers a 30 day return policy. The 30 day policy starts on the ship date, which is important to note. The downside to their return policy is that there is a 15% returns processing fee which isn’t the case for and

Like, will work with the manufacture on your behalf for items within the manufacture warranty.

And just like my top 2 ranked sites, also offers a 30 day mask guarantee. This is a really important policy and when buying a mask you aren’t sure of, this is a must have.


Like the, uses Bread for financing. Again, Bread is a legitimate company and I have seen lots of websites use them. In comparison though, it is much harder to access the financing option on in comparison to even though they are essentially using the same program.

The terms are not easily accessible unless you get a few steps into the ordering process. On other sites, the terms are much easier to find and is more transparent.


They offer fast shipping and can often ship the same day if you order at a certain time. As far as the shipping cost goes, it is hit or miss. Some items offer free shipping and some don’t. There is no rhyme or reason to which items are selected for free shipping. But the ones that have it will have a blue “free shipping” logo attached.

My top 2 websites both have better shipping policies and more clear about what the policies are.


They don’t offer any rewards program. But with their competitive pricing, a rewards program is unnecessary.

Final Words

I recommend any of these websites to purchase CPAP or supplies from. Although they all have their pros and cons, they are all legitimate and have a good reputation. When going through to decide which one to pick, consider what is most important to you and what fits your needs. Not everyone is going to prioritize the same things.

All these options offer great customer support, so if you have questions and concerns, all you have to do is reach out to them.