Mask Bright Review – CPAP Cleaner

Mask Bright CPAP Cleaner

Mask Bright has been a popular product among CPAP users. It is used to clean your CPAP mask, tubing, and water chamber. I personally use it daily and after 3 months of using it I am prepared to share my opinion of it.

What is Mask Bright?

Mask Bright is a CPAP cleaning product created by sleep technologist and popular YouTuber Jason Sazama aka LankyLeft27. It comes in an 8 oz spray bottle (non aerosol) and is made with natural ingredients with a light citrus scent. It is advertised to “naturally remove, grease, oils, and odor.”

Jason created this to make an easier way to clean CPAP supplies but still being environmental friendly. If you look at some of the other competitors, they use some more intense chemicals and they have non environmental friendly flaws to them. There are ones that use an aerosol can and then there are wipes similar to Clorox wipes that create waste.

With Mask Bright, there is no waste created and it uses non aerosol spray.

The Old Way of Cleaning CPAP Supplies

The old way of cleaning wasn’t that bad. Dawn was the most recommended product. But Dawn had 2 issues. One, it was recommended by most DME companies to wash the CPAP accessories in standing, warm, soapy water and then rinse them off. This took some extra time to fill the sink with water and also wasted some water. And two, it takes more time to rinse out Dawn from the supplies. This isn’t a lot of time, but for someone rushing to get to work, it made it desirable to have a quicker way.

Some people, rather than using standing, soapy water, would just rub Dawn in and then rinse. This works as well, but it takes even longer to rinse the Dawn off.

The Mask Bright Way: How to use Mask Bright

So now enter Mask Bright. And the steps are simple. You spray 2 or 3 times on the piece you want to clean. With a mask or water chamber you rub the Mask Bright in. With the mask, especially rub the parts that touch your face (not the headgear). For the hose or tubing you just spray and rinse.

After rubbing the mask and water chamber, you just rinse under water. The last step is drying. Jason recommends using a microfiber cloth, a Hurricane Dryer, or just letting it air dry. I personally let mine air dry. That’s it, you are done!

What does Mask Bright Smell Like?

Mask Bright has a light citrus smell to it. It is more of an orange citrus smell. Honestly, the smell was one of the things that put me off from trying it. I am sensitive to smells and my allergies are easily affected by things with a strong smell. But now after using Mask Bright, the smell didn’t bother me at all. It is a pleasant smell, but it is also subtle. It is not over powering in any way. So if you have concerns like I did, I recommend giving it a try as the smell is not overbearing.

How long does Mask Bright Last?

I have been using it daily for 3 months now and I am not even half way through the bottle. I am confident for most people one bottle would last more than 6 months.

Where Can You Buy Mask Bright?

Right now, the 2 options are as well as

One of the not so good things about Mask Bright is inventory. There are times where you will find it not available on either site. So when you do see it available, probably best to buy more than one bottle.


This is a great product and I plan to keep using it. Using Dawn is great too, but I just find Mask Bright easier and the citrus scent is pleasant.

I wrote a more in depth article about how to clean a CPAP you can read for even more tips.



Dan was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2017 when he was only 32 years old. He has been using a BIPAP machine for his treatment. He hopes to provide a patient's perspective on the sleep apnea experience. Dan lives in Tampa with his girlfriend and 2 dogs.

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