What are CPAP mask liners?

CPAP Mask Liners

When it comes to using a CPAP mask, there are a lot of terms and jargon which you will need to get used to. One such term may be the CPAP mask liner. These handy liners can prove to be invaluable to anyone using a CPAP mask and in this article, we are going to look a little more closely at what are CPAP mask liners as well as the benefits of using them.

What Are CPAP Mask Liners used for?

CPAP masks can sometimes cause irritation to the skin in a variety of ways. This might be through simply waking up in the morning with marks and lines on the face where the mask has been sitting right the way through to an allergic reaction to the plastic that the mask is made of. For these reasons, it can be very uncomfortable to wear your CPAP mask and get a good night’s sleep whilst doing so.

However, many problems associated with wearing a CPAP mask can be overcome with the addition of a CPAP mask liner. These liners can improve the comfort when wearing your CPAP mask as well as combat any problems with marks that may appear on the face after wearing, but we will go a little deeper into the benefits of the CPAP mask liners a little later on.

A CPAP mask liner is a cushion which sits in between the CPAP mask itself and your skin. Depending on the type of mask that you use will depend on what sort of mask liner will be required. The more of your face that the CPAP mask touches, the more liner coverage will be needed.

Are There Different Types Of CPAP Mask Liners?

As we mentioned, depending on the type of mask that you use, will depend on the liner. The types of CPAP mask are as follows:

  • The nasal pillow
  • The nasal mask
  • The oral mask
  • The full face mask
  • The total face mask

Built In Mask Liners

Some of the more modern CPAP masks come with padding already fitted, making them comfortable from the get-go.

Fabric CPAP Mask Liners

For anyone who suffers from irritation from their CPAP mask, these fabric mask liners are an excellent choice. Fabric CPAP mask liners are ideal for people who have problems with lines and marks on the face after wearing their mask or for people who find that the plastic causes an allergic reaction.

Disposable CPAP Mask Liners

There is the option to sue disposable CPAP mask liners which can be worn for a set amount of uses and then thrown away. Depending on the brand and type that you buy, will greatly depend on how long they can be used for.

Re-usable CPAP Mask Liners

If you want to be able to reap the benefits of a re-usable CPAP mask liner then there are plenty on the market. These liners can often be washed and so hygiene is never a factor.

Where Can I Buy CPAP Mask Liners?

There are many companies which sell CPAP mask liners, so let’s take a look at some of the most well renowned,

  • Silent Night
  • Pad-a-cheek
  • RemZzz’s
  • Snugz
  • RespLabs

Benefits Of Using A CPAP Mask Liner

We have already touched upon some of the benefits that using a CPAP mask liner can bring, We are now going to dive a little deeper into these benefits so that you can understand what using a mask liner will do for you.

  • A CPAP mask liner will dramatically reduce any redness, lines or marks that the CPAP mask leaves on your face. If you wear a mask, you will likely be familiar with the annoyance of waking up to find that your face is marked, but a liner will help with this issue.
  • Long term, using a CPAP mask may cause premature wrinkling of the skin, which is to be expected as we age but for younger people, this is not something to be contended with. By using a CPAP mask liner, you are reducing the pressure and pulling which is put on the skin and in turn this will reduce the chances of early skin wrinkles.
  • If you suffer from allergies, the plastic of the mask can cause serious irritation, however stopping the use of the CPAP mask isn’t an option, but with the addition of a CPAP mask liner, you can eliminate any issues with allergic reactions.
  • Above all, you want your CPAP mask to feel comfortable. This will be a serious factor in getting a good night’s sleep whilst wearing your mask.By using a CPAP mask liner you will notice how much more comfortable your mask is.
  • A mask liner will also reduce the amount of moisture build up and so is excellent at maintaining a good seal on the mask for the entire time that you are asleep.
  • CPAP mask liners can prevent the mask from slipping during the night.

Can You Make Your Own CPAP Liners?

If you want to get creative and make use of materials that you may already have lying around the home, there is the option to make your own CPAP mask liners. There are a variety of methods that you might use, but the most important thing to remember is to make sure that DIY liner does not interfere with the function of the mask.

One of the most popular materials for a DIY CPAP mask liner is cotton and this can be sourced from an old item of clothing or simply a purpose brought piece of cotton. You can download a template to make creating your own CPAP mask liner much more simple. Then all you need to do is use the template to guide you in cutting out the correct size and shape piece of cotton to use as your liner.

There is a really good DIY YouTube video from Stacy of CPAPBabes.com. She goes step by step how she makes her owns liners. You can check this video out below


Many people find that using their CPAP mask can cause irritation and discomfort. However, there is a solution to this problem – the CPAP mask liner is an easy to use, effective piece of equipment that can have a dramatic effect on how you wear your CPAP mask.

There are a range of mask liners available from a selection of reputable retailers, but there is also the option to fashion your own as a way of staying budget friendly or of recycling materials that you already own.


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